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Rosacea Specialist

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If you have red, swollen, inflamed patches of facial skin, you might have rosacea. For a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist about treatment, visit Lotus Dermatology in Spring Hill, Brooksville, Beverly Hills, or Homosassa, Florida. The practice offers a wide range of skin-care solutions for reducing redness and leaving your skin looking fresh and healthy. Click to book an appointment or call the office to schedule.

Rosacea Q & A

What causes rosacea?

Rosacea doesn’t have a known cause, but it may develop due to a combination of environmental or hereditary factors.

Other factors that can increase your risk of developing rosacea include:  

  • Irritating foods or drinks
  • Sun exposure or wind
  • Fluctuations in temperature
  • Stress or strong emotions
  • Exertion from exercise
  • Sensitivity to cosmetic products
  • Drugs that dilate blood vessels

Rosacea might also indicate a problem with your immune system, or a large presence of a specific type of microbe on the skin called Demodex.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

Symptoms of rosacea tend to come on slowly. You might mistake the condition for sunburn or allergies. Common signs include:

  • Red patches on the face (commonly the cheeks or nose)
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Small red bumps
  • Red or swollen eyelids
  • A stinging, tingling, or burning feeling on the skin

In rare cases, you might also experience a thickening of the skin on the nose, called rhinophyma.

What is rosacea treatment?

Effective rosacea treatment requires an individualized treatment plan, and yours may involve a combination of methods. You start with a personalized skin consultation and a review of your symptoms. At Lotus Dermatology, your dermatologist may recommend the following:

Acne medication

Drugs like isotretinoin can help clear up bumps or lesions that develop with rosacea.

Anti-inflammatory medication

Topical creams or ointments and oral anti-inflammatory pills that relieve inflammation can reduce redness, swelling, or puffiness in the face.

Diet plan

You can reduce your rosacea symptoms with dietary changes. Your physician may recommend eating more leafy green vegetables and foods with omega-3 fatty acids while avoiding foods that contain dairy, sugar, citrus, or excessively spicy foods.  


Lotus Dermatology offers the Lotus skin care professional line to address the problems of rosacea and other concerns. A critical part of minimizing your symptoms involves avoiding using harsh chemicals or fragrances that might irritate your skin and apply sun protection.

With the combination of approaches recommended by your dermatologist, you can heal rosacea and minimize future outbreaks. To learn more about rosacea treatment at Lotus Dermatology, click to book a consultation or call the office today.