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Cosmetic Dermatology


At Lotus Dermatology, our experienced and highly trained physicians will work with you to develop a conservative, personalized cosmetic regimen to revitilize your skin and allow you to look your best.


• Dysport• Lotus skin care professional line
• Fillers• NeutralEyes eye complex
• Restylane• Microdermabrasion scrub
• Juvaderm• Hand-arm face cream
• Perlane• Vita-CE w/Ferulic acid
• Radiesse• Tretinoin cream
• Sculptra• Hydroquinone cream
• Sclerotherapy• Glytone
• Chemical Peels• Rejuvenate facial cream
• Scar Revision• Retexturize keratosis pilaris treatment
• Earlobe Repair• Latisse
• Benign growth removal 
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